Our Projects

Westmoreland Under-17
Soccer Tournament

Westmoreland Under 17 Soccer Tournament sponsors - Initially funded by the executive members and other donors who were born in Jamaica.We also ask Members of Parliament (MPs) to assist in the funding.The foundation has been sponsoring the tournament since 2007.This is a yearly tournament that last for four months.We all will continue with the current cost model of asking from contribution from the donors,executive members, members of parliament and also from the group of volunteers that work and live in jamaica.This will continue to expose the youths to sports involvement.We also have opening where we invite influential individuals to speak to the youths.This usually involves sponsors,Mayor, Senators, and MPs - see photos from the competetion below.


The foundation also contributes to the upliftment of the community by giving scholarships to students from low income families.We provide $1000 scholarship to individuals who excels in sports and education.The coaches from the team selected the individuals and the executive members decides on 3 scholarship winners.

Renovation of Savanna-la-mar Hospital

The Foundation is working with the CEO of the Savanna La Mar Hospital and associated health centers in the Parish of Westmoreland to help provide equipment and supplies that are needed to keep patients alive. We provide funding for the construction of a healing garden at the front of the Hospital. The Children’s Ward is also in dire need of renovation to bring the ward up to code. The bathrooms are also in need of major renovations and we have decided that we will have it done by the end of 2017.

Mannings School Support

DTR Foundation has consistently supported the Manning’s School football program . The foundation have donated soccer shoes and equipment to the Dacosta cup team for many years. The foundation also provided sponsorship of gears and equipment to the Manning’s Alumni soccer team at the annual High School Tournament that is held in Fort Lauderdale each year. The intent is to mobilize support from several alumni on a yearly basis in order to make this contribution. The foundation will be reaching out to many alumni each year to make contribution to support the sports program for the school. Once again let’s try to mobilize small or large groups of past student to support different efforts, whether it being sports, academics through scholarships, monetary, etc. We need support from all angles to help our great Manning’s School to return to its former splendor.