Past Projects

Renovation Of The Savanna-La-Mar Hospital

Project 2 - Scholarships

Westmoreland Under-17 Soccer Tournament

Mannings School Support Building Renovation And Sports

DTR Foundation Children's back to school and funday with the Botswana Foundation

This was a well attended event, this include toys, food, books, bounce about and music.

Giving gifts to kids in the children ward at the Savanna-La-Mar Hospital

The DTR Foundation also made gifts available to the nurses and auxilliray staff.
The kids were so happy they call us Black Santa.

The First Westmoreland Reunion Charity Event

On February 12, 2018 the DTR Foundation and the Cheersmate Lifestyle family donated JA$300,000 to the Savanna La Mar Public Hospital, collecting the chec was the CEO Camile Lewin, the Accountant - Charmaine Burgees and the Director of the Health Clinics - Novlin Leslie. The money will go towards the purchase of a Multipatient Nebulizer. This is the profit from the first annual Westmoreland Reunion Charity Event. Stay tuned for the next event on February 8, 2019.

DTR Foundation has donated $500,000 to the Westmoreland Under 13 Football Competition.

DTR Foundation has decided that enough was ebnough for the poor state of football in the parish. The Parish of Westmoreland has produced some of the best footballers in the country and we dont have a youth competition. Garold Hamilton DTR Foundation has donated $500,000 JA to sponsor the Westmoreland Under 13 Football Competition. The tournamrnt will be a year long and the games will be played at Llandilo football field.

The annual back to school treat in the community of Shaolin.

The Garold Hamilton DTR was back in his community of Shaolin in August for his annual back to school treat. The back to school event included music,food and games. The foundation donated 100 school bags, water bottles, books, pens, pencils, crayons and erasers. Also we gave cash prize for the winner of some of the games.