Ghetto Youths Bible Video Series

Ghetto Youths Bible is a series of inspirational and motivational videos directed at young people who are from impoverished backgrounds (Ghettos). The mission is to inspire individuals to make good decision and create a road map for a successful life. The foundation is working on publishing a book on the topic with a section called the Ten Commandments of rising out of the Ghetto. It was because of the response from the Ghetto Youths Bible series that I was inspired to do Profile with Ian Boyne. The response from my audience was amazing and they empowered me to expand the series to a book. The book will be out sometime in 2017.

Who is Garold Hamilton? I’m actually an ordinary guy, who was born in the Ghetto and because of my life experiences, I was forced, to develop extraordinary resilience and determination in order to succeed. I had reached a desperate place where I had to figure out the game of career and life in order to gain success for myself. It was either that or give up on my dreams of being a Civil Engineer and settling for any job that I could get. I didn’t settle!!

Ghetto Youth's Conversation Episode 1. Garold Hamilton speak to Dr. Kurt Waul about his life and commitment to serving his community. His selfless decision to forego moving abroad to setup his medical practice in St. Catherine and his philanthropic actions with charging patients half price for healthcare. Hear the riveting story about strength, resilience and his love for his community and his continued mission in giving back. Please watch, like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel.