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Together, we create a life changing environment to inspire hope that contribute to children and youth completing their education, developing self-esteem, self- worth and empowering them to achieve economic self sufficiency to improve quality of life. The foundation support renovation projects in organizations such as schools, hospitals, churches and homework centers.

DTR Foundation COVID Relief

I am happy to announce that the DTR Foundation was able to reach out and donate care packages to my community in Jamaica to help them cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am from a small, vulnerable and underserved community where any little assistance goes a far way. Help support our cause so we can expand our efforts by donating to the DTR Foundation at the following link @ www.dtrfoundation.org.


Jamaica’s brightest sons, Garold Hamilton, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CEng, MCIBSE, SASHE, CxA, MSc. BSc (Hons). Who would believe that a youngster hailing from the tough inner-city community of Shaolin, located between two cemeteries in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland would rise to such prominence in the engineering field in one of the leading metropolises in the world, the United State of America? Garold’s journey, as chronicled in Ghetto Youth’s Bible, provides a compelling account of how dedication, determination and discipline, can lead to positive outcomes despite one’s starting point in life. The book provides a rich account of Garold’s journey from his humble home in the inner city to his impressive academic, professional and philanthropic achievements. The lessons learnt from the experiences shared in the volume, will provide a blueprint that others can follow in their pursuit of greatness, despite even a humble starting point in life. The common adage: It’s not where you are coming from, but where you are going that will determine your success, holds true in this book. From working on construction sites, barbering on graves, selling in the markets on weekends, to becoming one of the chief engineers in the health care sector in Washington D.C., the surreal story of Garold’s transition through the annals of time is presented. This story is not only inspiring but also, motivational. It should serve as a motivation for all children, whether those in the inner-city communities or those in the upper echelons of society, to aspire to their dream.

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We provide a US$2000 scholarship to individuals who excel in sports, as well as academics. Scholarship recipients are nominated

Ghetto Youths Bible Video Series

Ghetto Youths Bible is a series of inspiration and motivation videos directed at young people who are from impoverished background (Ghettos). The mission is to inspire individuals to make good decision and create a road map for a successful life.

Charity Groups donate JA$400,000
to Sav Public hospital

Charity Groups donate JMD$400,000 to Sav-La-Mar Public hospital Happy to announce that DTR Foundation and Cheersmate Lifestyle was able to donate JMD$400,000 to the Savanna La Mar Hospital on February 11th, 2019. We want to thank all the patrons who have donated through the DTR Foundation website. Together we can achieve.

Garold Hamilton U-17 launched in Westmoreland

Former Member of Parliament (central Westmoreland), Roger Clarke and the Westmoreland Cooperative Credit Union donated approximately one million dollars to offset expenses associated with the Garold Hamilton Westmoreland Football Association U-17 competition. The announcement was made at the 3rd staging of the competition.


The Foundation also contributes to the uplifting of the community by giving scholarships to students from low-income families. We provide a US$2000 scholarship to individuals who excel in sports, as well as academics. Scholarship recipients are nominated by the soccer coaches, and then selected by the executive members of the Foundation. We need your help to provide additional scholarships to these deserving students. Many recipients rely on these funds to complete their secondary education.

This is the 2016 finals. Garold Hamilton presenting M.V.P. trophy.

As tension mounted, both goalkeepers each saved one of the mandatory five strikes as the teams ended that segment level on four goals. But Petersfield's custodian, Anthony Hamilton, went one better by saving the first penalty in the sudden-death alternate kicks to hand his team the title. "The players put in the necessary work and dedication to achieve this victory," noted Coach Keeble Patrick. For the victory, Petersfield collected JA$60,000 and the championship trophy, while Race Course earned JA$40,000 for second spot, while Chantilly Forever carried off JA$30,000 and Negril FC pocketed JA$20,000.

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